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Customized Materials for your group from beginning to end
    -Promotional Itineraries & Materials
    -Travel Insurance Information & Recommendations
    -Program Timelines outlining pre-departure deadlines & meetings
    -Trip Preparation/Enrichment Forms

Packing Guidelines & Checklist (luggage restrictions), International Travel Tips (money concerns, telephone calling, emergency contacts), Airport/Border Security Procedures, Emergency Contact Wallet Cards, Destination Information (maps, climate, practical info, etc.), Student Code of Behavior, Language Primers

    -Day-by-Day Final Itineraries & Personalized Luggage Tags
    -Detailed Tour Evaluations & post tour follow-up

Accessible & Responsive Staff
    -Timely & efficient communications
    -Talk to a person, not a machine or a menu
    -Company reps available for group meetings
    -Materials & Support for Administration
      or School Board Approval
  (if needed)

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Flexible Billing & Payment Terms
    -We work with your fundraising efforts & apply credit to student accounts

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